Frog in the Moon

Sunny Patch Frog in the Moon Title

Season 3, Episode 7A
December 3, 2006
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Frog in the Moon is an episode of Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends from season three.

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Inspired by Bounce, Felix the frog tries to jump to the moon and winds up stuck at the top of the Hollow Tree.


When Felix the frog talks with his bug friends about how high he can jump, they wonder about what it would be like if he could jump all the way to the moon. The spiders spin a web-trampoline to help him jump higher, but Felix still can't jump any higher than parts of the Hollow Tree. Felix really wants to be the first frog on the moon, so he decides to stay up late and try, but only succeeds in getting himself stuck in the very highest part of the tree. The little bugs think that Felix really made it to the moon, but Miss Spider and Holley realize Felix is stuck, and they all work to get him down safely. Felix is sad that he didn't make it to the moon, but his friends reassure him that he is still special because he is the first frog to jump all the way to the top of the tree.


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