Moon Music and Sun Songs

Sunny Patch Moon Music and Sun Songs

Season 3, Episode 7B
December 3, 2006
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Moon Music and Sun Songs is an episode of Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends from season three.

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New neighbors have moved into the stump next to the Hollow Tree. They are a noisy cricket band and they're keeping everybuggy up all night with their noisy Moon Music. Everybuggy has their antennae in a twist except for Dragon, Bounce and their brother Spinner, who want to join the band.


One night, when all the little bugs are headed off to bed, they hear some loud music coming from the base of the tree. Miss Spider realizes that this must be their new cricket neighbors. The next morning, she, Holley and Spiderus go to welcome the crickets (Scratch and his brothers) and ask if they could keep the volume down on their music. The crickets say that they are "doing their own thing" and request for the confused spiders to leave them be. Tired, but excited about the energetic music, Dragon and Bounce decide to start their own band and play music during the day. This annoys the crickets though, who ask the young bugs if they could please be quiet. The young bugs protest that they, too, are just "doing their own thing." However, Miss Spider and Holley say that they have to stop, because they want to respect their neighbors' need to sleep. The crickets realize they were also too loud, but Miss Spider and Holley come up with a solution: both bands can practice in a location further away from the tree, so that neither will have their sleep disturbed with the music that is being made.


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