Sunny Patch Snowdrop

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Alexandra Lai
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Snowdrop is a supporting character in Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends, an orange-coloured spider.


Snowdrop is the calmer twin sister of Pansy. She is not a fan of athletics like her twin; instead, she enjoys studying science, art, and music. Snowdrop is also shyer than Pansy, as shown when she is afraid to sing in front of others in the episode Sing It Sister. Description

"Where Pansy is all about the physical, Snowdrop is about the cerebral. She is a dreamer, an inventor, and a budding scientist. Together, they form one unbeatable pair that is always looking out for each other."


Snowdrop is mostly an orange-yellow color. She has eight black-coloured legs and two turquoise eyes with dark blue pupils. Snowdrop has one strand of orange hair. In the series, she has a lime green bow. In the Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Kids movie, she has a red bow on her hair.


Snowdrop appears in many episodes of the series. She first appeared in the TV movie, Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Kids. Her first official appearance was in the series premiere, I'll Fly Away, and her last appearance was in the series finale, Cob Fog.

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