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Spiderus is a supporting character in Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends. He is a large white spider.


Spiderus is always looking on the dark side of things, a true pessimist. He thinks of the Spider children as immoral beings and is always wishing for them to leave, although it is occasionally shown that he truly cares about their feelings. Description

"Spiderus is a whiney, conniving, cowardly arachnid. His dastardliness is over the top and completely laughable. He lives with his new wife Spinderella in a crack at the bottom of the Hollow Tree. He's a heckler who taunts and torments everyone with empty threats that he'll eat them up. Even though he would never follow through with his threats, the kids go to great lengths to sneak by his door without being noticed."


Spiderus is mostly a white colour. He has eight black legs with white hands. He has a black pattern on his back.


Spiderus appears in many episodes of the series. He first appeared in the TV movie, Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Kids. His first official appearance was in the season one episode, Something's Stinky in Sunny Patch, and his last appearance was in the series finale, Cob Fog.

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